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Happy New Year! Free Drum Plugs!

Happy New Year, Everybody! This link was just sent to me from my dear friend, Orlando Florida's famous radio deejay, recording artist Jill Winter! (you can visit her at Jill Winter Official Website ) Waste no time clicking the image below, to be taken to an article where the wonderful people at music radar have compiled a list of their favorite freeware drum plugins of 2021! Thanks for making my first year of this so fulfilling! I've made a lot of new friends and visited with a lot of old friends, and I look forward to a wonderful, happy year 2022!! Peace and Love, Glenn in Rochester, NY, USA

Baby Audio Freebies

Free Juno Ensemble Chorus Plugin And More! I'd be remiss if I didn't give a special shout out to the kind folks at Baby Audio. There are a few freebies on this page. All of them get great reviews. The only one I have used so far is Magic Switch - and I find myself using Magic Switch ALOT. I try it on every track, and keep it inline on around half of those. Sometimes I even use two instances in series. When this fantastic, amazing freebie turned up, for some time, I had been on the lookout for a great emulation of the ensemble chorus that's part of Roland's iconic Juno 6/60/106 synthesizer line. It adds a whole depth and dimension to any synth patch but I stick it on drums, vocals and guitars as well. I had a previous free emulation of this effect. It was generously given away by Arturia. That's beautiful, but it eats up a lot of CPU power and it's slow to load. The one from Baby Audio sounds exactly the same as the Arturia sounds in default mode, and the Baby Au

Free Holiday Gifts from NI & Izotope

Image Grab a Trash 2 license & an NI Play Series:Twenty Five license - just 18 days to go as of today. Plus a voucher for 25 per cent off any NI purchase including sale items. imho NI prices are not their best right now but the freebie is great. Don't miss out on it. And Trash 2 is a lot of fun, too. Details at the link above.