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Pianobook Overhaul - 650 Free Sample Libraries!

Pianobook Overhaul 650 Free Sample Libraries These are places and people you computer-music-makers should all know about!!! Spitfire Audio & Pianobook were started by Christian Henson . Here is his youtube channel...There is Valuable Info there by the ton, including lessons on constructing your own sample libraries. In case you didn't know that the Pianobook site exists, it is an unfathomably huge repo of sample libraries for free , made by so many amazing people. Pianobook is a community of musicians who create and compose with these sample libraries. Membership is free, and you are welcome to contribute sample libraries and to participate in the forum. Pianobook currently has 650 beautiful, usable sample libraries in many popular formats. This week Pianobook received a complete overhaul of its interface, focusing more now on the people who create the sample libraries. Site navigation just got a big overhaul. Now it's easier

5 Best Software Instruments (Video Link)

Coincidental with me starting my blog, David Hilowitz of Decent Sampler fame has made a video of his favorite 5 Free Software Instruments. I won't waste bandwidth, I'll let David tell you about them in his video. I will say that I use all of the plug-in instruments he mentions, and that all of them are epic! Here's David!

Freebies at Plugin Boutique

Plugin Boutique is a great site to buy discount plugins, for sure, and they take Paypal, which is super convenient. I am in no way affiliated with Plugin Boutique nor with any site, but I do shop there monthly. I think a lot of retail prices for software are obscene, but every few weeks even insanely expensive plugins go on sale at Plugin Boutique for ridiculously low prices. Better even than the sales, though, are the tons of freebies available. They do require you to register on their site, but they have a colossal number of free plugins on site. Having an account there is good, too, because they keep all of your licenses and serials in your account pages for your convenience! If you've ever had a computer up and die on you then you know how amazing this feature is. Also, every month, they offer a great piece of usually expensive commercial software as a bonus with any purchase. All in all this is one of my favorite retailers, and I'm glad to share them with you. Of course, i

Free Sample Packs Here

Hello! Friendly Greetings and the FreeSound Repo! Hi, I'm Glenn Moses. I'm a producer, engineer, singer, songwriter, synthesist, sound designer, gear hoarder, and I'm the founder of the 131 Records indie record label in New York. It was one of the first digital-only record labels in labels in existence. I founded it because I got tired of seeing CDs end up in landfills. That's a whole nother rant... I've been in the music business since the 1980's. I grew up making computer music before it was fashionable. MIDI and I have been making music for about the same amount of time. I've worked with comedy, Progressive Rock, Rock and Roll, New Wave, The Blues, and I was at the very forefront of Jam Rock and 90's psychedelic. I've done album design, seen many records from inception to release, and watched the entire distribution process change from a thing for seasoned professionals and pros to a thing kids at home do for fun,and I love it. I was doing it on m