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5 Best Software Instruments (Video Link)

Coincidental with me starting my blog, David Hilowitz of Decent Sampler fame has made a video of his favorite 5 Free Software Instruments. I won't waste bandwidth, I'll let David tell you about them in his video. I will say that I use all of the plug-in instruments he mentions, and that all of them are epic! Here's David!

Free Drums Sample Pack

Hi folks! I see today that Ghosthack, purveyors of excellent sample libraries, are for a limited time offering their sample library called "Unique Drum Collection" for the discounted price of FREE. The sample kit contains 237mb of royalty-free drum content processed in interesting ways. Hurry up, because ordinarily this kit retails for 39€/$45 THE CATCH is only that they require your email. Ghosthack are a legit, reputable company that sells sounds. I subscribe to their list. You simply give them your email, and they email you a download link for the sample pack. For more info go to the Ghosthack Unique Drum Collection product page, here: Happy music making, glenesis