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Mastering Plugin Free N.I. SUPERCHARGER

Ok, mastering stuff aside, this plugin compressor is unbelievable and it's free. It does a great job of smashing mixes together to about any extreme of squish or polish. I'm loving this thing! https://www.native- komplete/effects/supercharger/ Supercharger is a free install inside the Native Instruments' plugin manager Complete Start and it's totally worth grabbing it. It just blew my mind. I just used it this way and it's going to stay on my mixes now. Once it's installed put it on your master. 1) Once it's on your Master Fader, click on the DIRT button! 2) Turn the big knob until you hear distortion then back it down just til the mix is clear and balanced again 3) Turn the output knob up until you are at maybe minus 1dB on the output meter Now the magic I found happens in step 4) 4) Back down the INPUT KNOB just until the whole mix opens up!! It's a one stop solution. It's magic. While you are at Native Instruments, gra

Free Waves Lofi Reverb Plug-in Black Friday Only!

 Yes! Happy Black Friday! Waves have released the first of two new plug-ins today. It's a rude Delay & Reverb plug-in called Lofi Space and ONLY for Black Friday it is completely free!! Just make a Waves account or log into your existing account and got to this page... As with all Waves plugins, after you claim it, it lives in your account. You don't need to install it today! You DO need to CLAIM IT today! I'll let you go get it. Go! Get it 😅

November 2021 Freebies

Happy Thanksgiving, folks! I am totally cheating here. I'm stuffed like a turkey and ready for bed, and frankly, I can't even cope with the list if freebies this year. Fortunately, Amner Hunter on YouTube already compiled a crazy long list of this months crazy freebies on his channel. He explains what everything is in this video, and he links to everything from the video description. Go show him some live and get some free software!

3 Free Sample Packs Limited Time

Hip-hop Sample Kits Bundle Free Until Black Friday By Cymatics Hi gang! I just heard from the talented people of Cymatics. In the spirit of Black Friday, they are giving away 3 brand-new, well-recorded, functional and useful music construction kits. There are audio demos on the free product's web page at Cymatics, here... Of course, you'll need a free account on the website to claim the freebies. There are more free packs and plugins on their site, and none of them are boring, so by all means, look around while you're there. The first of the three packs is called Panther Hip-hop Drums Kit. It's 64 loops of hits and patterns. Next is called Purple Hip-hop Melodies. It's 16 melodic loops in the style of Trap. Finally, we have Seismic 808 Samples. This kit is made up of 18 fresh and unique hits from the classic Roland TR-808 drum machine. You'll need at least 1.2 gigabytes free o

Free Waves Plug-in care of Reason Studios

Free Berserk Distortion plugin from Waves and Reason Studios Hi guys. T is the season for pricey freebies... Reason Studios is giving a free Waves Plugin called Berserk. All they want is your email address. Anyway, by all means, take a minute now and claim it, then carry on. Reason Studios sends you a serial and a link to your email box. Copy the serial provided in the email. Click the link in the mail. If you don't have a Waves account you'll need to make one. If you have a Waves account, just paste the serial number into the reg box, click through, and this plugin will live in your account. Install it any time with the Waves software manager thingie app. If anyone sees the SSL SiX for $1199 new this season please let me know ASAP. Thanks! Have a great day! Cheers, Glenn

Free Brainworx Mastering Plugin NOW

Free Mastering Plug-in Brainworx bx_masterdesk Classic Free for now at Plugin Alliance Use code: BX-FOR-FREE (expires November 24) Cut to the chase: This thing sounds great. I bought the full version months ago. I wish I'd known about this instead! It sounds great and clean and really picks up perceived loudness very nicely. I'm not suggesting that you use this in place of a professional mastering engineer like the esteemed Roger Lian formerly of the late, great MasterDisk, but in a pinch it's always handy to have stuff like this on-hand. It does what I'd do with a string of Plug-Ins for what producer Andrew Bertrand calls "Poor-man's Mastering", and it does it well... AND IT'S FREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! ANYWAY ... Go here to get the plugin If you don't yet have an account, make one. There are really no strings attached. Hey, just get it claimed. Add it to your cart, paste thi

Free 2GB Pack 24-hours only

Cut to the chase... Here's the link... From their web site... "MODULAR MEGAPACK VOL. 1 €0,00 “Modular Pack”. It has been recorded exclusively using Eurorack modular with a totally analogue single path, in order to help you create syncopated rhythms with an harder and darker edge. The kit has complex modular sounds designed for electronic music and experimental, future genres made by modules from Cwejman, Make Noise, Moog, Mutable Instruments, Intellijel, Erica Synths, Endorphines, Verbos, Vermona, Frap Tools, and many more. It was compiled to add creative flair to forward-thinking producers, especially for genres like Techno, Minimal, Tech-house, Experimental and Microhouse. consists:  2,86 GB of Samples and Recordings 374 Files 24 Bit integer resolution 29x Synth Recordings 62x Percussive Recordings 52x Bass Recordings 26x Hat Loops 19x Kick Loops 17x Clap & Snare Loops 9x Live Recordings 21x Textures 120x Oneshots (Fx,

Sample Science Free Sample Packs & Plug-ins

Sample Science Free Sample Packs, Plug-ins and More High Quality Sampling is no easy business. It's not easy to craft a great sample set. It often involves painfully long hours in uncomfortable positions recording and trimming and processing dozens, hundreds, and often thousands of individual digital sound clips. Getting artful performance qualities out of thousands of digital audio clips certainly does involve a lot of science. Sample Science is the alias/nickname/handle as well as the company and website name of one such amazing, diligent practitioner of this labor of love. Yes, you have to be in love with sampling to produce anywhere near the volume of the body of work produced by Sample Science. And for the volume of freebies and donation-ware (pay what you want) this fine person has made available to our music making community, imho, he should change his name rightly to "Saint Sample Science". Good community is hard to come by, and in his many forms, Sample Science