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Free Convolution Reverb Plug-in & IR Resources

Free IR Software This is huge. I try to keep articles short, because the pages I link to generally have so much better info than I can provide. In this case I need to mention Bill Gardener . I first ran into Bill Gardner's name in the early 1990s. I'd found a small Mac program that turned any Digidesign DSP card into a programmable algorithmic reverb unit, which is astounding to this very day. Coincidentally, some long time ago, I fell in love with all the audio plugins made by a company called Wave Arts . After 20+ years of using Wave Arts Plug-Ins I only recently discovered that it's Bill Gardner's company. I thank you, Bill Gardner! Your wares have made my life happier and better-sounding! Bill's app, simply called "Reverb", let me program FX that I'd never heard before not since. It gave me a deeper understanding of algorithmic reverbs construction. Wave Arts recently partnered with a company called Impulse Record  and together they make a convolut

Fairlight CMI Resources Index

Hi! Lucky Post #3 here. On to business... Fairlight CMI Resources Index Free Fairlight CMI Samples and More Last week I went hunting for Fairlight samples to feed my sample habit. From its release in 1979, the Fairlight CMI additive synthesizer and sampler immediately revolutionized the sounds heard on hit records. I wanted to find the sample library, but what I found was so much more! Although it is difficult to locate working links, some hunting reveals that there are a few accessible good transfers of the original Fairlight CMI IIx library, as well system disk images, manuals, schematics, lore, and even a detailed, freeware CMI emulator you can run on your computer. While digging around, I found a lot of dead links. Wherever I could, I located backups of missing links at . It became clear to me that I ought to make an up-to-date index with links I've verified, and that's actually why I started this blog. So now, I present to everyone... Free Fairlight CMI Samp

Free Drums Sample Pack

Hi folks! I see today that Ghosthack, purveyors of excellent sample libraries, are for a limited time offering their sample library called "Unique Drum Collection" for the discounted price of FREE. The sample kit contains 237mb of royalty-free drum content processed in interesting ways. Hurry up, because ordinarily this kit retails for 39€/$45 THE CATCH is only that they require your email. Ghosthack are a legit, reputable company that sells sounds. I subscribe to their list. You simply give them your email, and they email you a download link for the sample pack. For more info go to the Ghosthack Unique Drum Collection product page, here: Happy music making, glenesis

Free Sample Packs Here

Hello! Friendly Greetings and the FreeSound Repo! Hi, I'm Glenn Moses. I'm a producer, engineer, singer, songwriter, synthesist, sound designer, gear hoarder, and I'm the founder of the 131 Records indie record label in New York. It was one of the first digital-only record labels in labels in existence. I founded it because I got tired of seeing CDs end up in landfills. That's a whole nother rant... I've been in the music business since the 1980's. I grew up making computer music before it was fashionable. MIDI and I have been making music for about the same amount of time. I've worked with comedy, Progressive Rock, Rock and Roll, New Wave, The Blues, and I was at the very forefront of Jam Rock and 90's psychedelic. I've done album design, seen many records from inception to release, and watched the entire distribution process change from a thing for seasoned professionals and pros to a thing kids at home do for fun,and I love it. I was doing it on m