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SM Drums Free Samples Kit

Dating back to 2015, I only just discovered this marvelous free set of drum samples, SM Drums Free Drums for the Masses! It's available for several of the big name samplers including NI Contact Full v5 or higher, as well as SFZ, so anyone can use it. Expertly samples, this kit is available in up to 127 levels of velocity layers as well as I think 8 round robins! Here is a Gearslutz thread introducing the set... And here is the official website on WordPress... Enjoy! Best regards, Glenn in Rochester, NY, USA All my stuff can be found at...

Free Neve 81 EQ Plug-in

Hi guys! I hope everyone is safe and well and that you are having a spectacular time of 2022. In this great article by the nice folks over at Production Experts, they tell you how you can get an IK Multimedia Neve 81 EQ, worth $100, for free for a limited time, so go get it! I won't be redundant, the article explains the claiming process very well: ... I've been putting together a free Link Tree page for myself where you can find all my music, video, and photos, and this blog all from one handy landing page: Since 2018 I've been posting cinematic footage I film with my drones. This year, I started scoring these videos with my own music in MOTU Digital Performer. I'm enjoying making the music custom tailored for each video. My latest post is a short Time-Lapse Video of some storm clouds moving in. You can watch it at the link below. Please Like, Subscribe,