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BLEASS Monolit Free Monosynth

BLEASS Monolit Free Monosynth Plugin In honor of Music Day, this past June 21st, 2022, (happy Solstice :), plugin maker BLEASS have a gift for everybody in the form of a free Monosynth plugin for Mac, iOS and Windows. Learn more about it in the YouTube video officially  announcing the plugin. Download links are in the video description. Enjoy, Glenn From sunny Florida, USA

OP-1 Freeware Alternatives Bunch of freebies to raid here, and 10,000 presets for DX7 (and for DEXed) I use most of these plugins, they're all great! YouTube creator Michael has created a fantastic music freeware video on his show called GAS Therapy on his YouTube channel called playpm. In this video, he suggests freeware software alternatives to each function of the Teenage Engineering OP-1 and OP-1 Field hardware music workstations. In my opinion, though, this is also a great plan for a very powerful professional recording studio computer setup based entirely on powerful, proven, totally free software. Be sure to read the description, and try all of the instruments he links to. Don't miss the 10,000 patches for DX7 that are compatible with the DEXed software FM synthesizer. Be sure to give the video a thumbs-up, and if you like the creator, give his channel a sub!