Free Focustite VST Bundles

Dear readers, Wow! I always wanted these plugins. Now they are free! Focusrite includes a big software bundle when you buy their audio interfaces. This week they discontinued two of their original plugin bundles for Mac & PC and relegated them to Legacy status. Instead of limiting the products to access from users of their hardware, Focusrite have kindly made the plugins free for anyone to download and use! This is awesome! Focusrite is a company that has made much audio hardware that is legendary in the audio engineering biz. This is no small deal that these plugs are now free. Rather than be redundant, you can buzz over to Bedroom Producers Blog where I heard about this deal. There you can read about each of the included plugins and bundles. If you prefer, here is a direct link to the product page on Focusrite's website: Happy Holidays!  Best regards, Glenn

Free Samples Bundle

 If you sign up for emails from The Sample Lab you'll get a bundle of all the free sample packs they've ever made.

Limited Time FREE PLUGINS For X-Mas 2022

 Happy Winter, Everyone! Instead of being a lazy bastards, I've decided to share with y'all the limited time Christmas Freebies I've just grabbed tonight. So ready whatever tool you click with, and add these beauties to your accounts at their respective developers for the low low price of FREEEEEEEEEEEE!!! READY? GO!! First, SoundToys Little Radiator saturator is free if you buy it for zero doleros before JANUARY 5th, 2023... Grab it because who doesn't need more flavors if saturation, ey? Ey! Second, the nice French folks at Arturia are giving you a new plug-in version of the classic CLASSIC absolutely amazing MS-20 Filter! This beauty is only free until January 2nd, 2023. Don't miss that. If you miss it, you'll feel rotten later. Go get it right now and I'll wait for you right here. GO!!   If you want some nifty ideas about what to d

Huge List of Free Sound Effects

  The nice people at Production Expert have compiled a list of an astounding 250 Gigabytes of free to use sound effects and atmospheres for you to use in your own productions. I collect sounds, and I had some of these sets, but this list blows my own list away so clear a drive, and head over to their amazing blog post and grab some huge freebies!

Free Waves Plugin Alert!

Thanks to Bedroom Producers Blog for letting us know that for a limited time Waves Supertap delay plugin is Freeeeeee!! Check it out on there blog. This could not be easier to claim. It took 3 clicks. Supertap is an old favorite multi-tap delay. Enjoy

BLEASS Monolit Free Monosynth

BLEASS Monolit Free Monosynth Plugin In honor of Music Day, this past June 21st, 2022, (happy Solstice :), plugin maker BLEASS have a gift for everybody in the form of a free Monosynth plugin for Mac, iOS and Windows. Learn more about it in the YouTube video officially  announcing the plugin. Download links are in the video description. Enjoy, Glenn From sunny Florida, USA

OP-1 Freeware Alternatives Bunch of freebies to raid here, and 10,000 presets for DX7 (and for DEXed) I use most of these plugins, they're all great! YouTube creator Michael has created a fantastic music freeware video on his show called GAS Therapy on his YouTube channel called playpm. In this video, he suggests freeware software alternatives to each function of the Teenage Engineering OP-1 and OP-1 Field hardware music workstations. In my opinion, though, this is also a great plan for a very powerful professional recording studio computer setup based entirely on powerful, proven, totally free software. Be sure to read the description, and try all of the instruments he links to. Don't miss the 10,000 patches for DX7 that are compatible with the DEXed software FM synthesizer. Be sure to give the video a thumbs-up, and if you like the creator, give his channel a sub!

Arturia Free Instrument til April 30th 2022

 Arturia are giving away a free instrument for a limited time to celebrate the launch of their new line of acoustic instruments. They're calling the instruments augmented. This free plugin is called Augmented Strings Intro. It's free to add the license to your free Arturia user account (if you don't have a free Arturia account you can make one on their website). You can find out more and download the plug-in on their website here...

Free Sample Packs (FornaxVoid)

Bunch of free sample packs here under "Resources" Including a big set of Roland U110 samples, an old piano, and a big set of Minibrute samples, a custom lofi set, and lots of other handy resources for oldskool computing peeps ;) Okay, ttfn Peace & Love, Glenn

The Last Meter You Will Ever Need?

Oh here, grab this free standalone meter program. It looks like it does everything. From Orban! Orban is the company that makes all those audio processors for broadcast radio stations. The meter is meant to be used in conjunction with broadcast audio. It pretty much does everything, shows loudness ranges and all kinds of info. Yep, I understand it, but I ain't blogging how it works. What do you expect for nothing, SOS? LOL 😆 Here, take a look at this thing! It's truly a thing of beauty 😻 Love you guys! Have a fantastic, magical day! Pray for peace on earth! Cheers, Glenn

Sample science Freebies Updated

Pierre Parenteau is the extraordinary Canadian programmer of the SampleScience brand of musical treats of the brilliant and affordable variety, which fits in with our mission on the blog! If, like me, you find yourself looking for excellent new music production tools, but have a low or no budget, you'll find this list of SampleScience free goods irresistible. Here you will find brilliant emulations of classic analog synthesizers built on the now-famous Decent Sampler free sampler platform, as well as instruments as VST and AudioUnits plugins for Windows and for MacOS, and meticulously recorded sample packs that justify the SampleScience name. I'm astounded by the quality of Pierre's work, and I think that you will be, too! Here's the link to the free products pages, where you can download the goodies or pay what you want to, as you prefer. I do suggest that if you can toss the guy some bucks, please do. Sampling is a long and tedious labor of love, and it

Pettinhouse Free Kontakt & Battery Packs

 There's a huge stash of very kindly offered freebies for NI Kontakt sampler and a bunch of kits for NI Battery drum sampler as well! Check this stuff out! It's all got reasonable file sizes, too! Enjoy, Glenn