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Free DX7 Patch Banks

Free Banks for DX7 And Compatible Synths My expanding resources list for DX7 and compatible synthesizers and plugins This Post is dedicated to my buddy in my FM adventure, John Gilbert , and to my Sweetwater rep, Erik Molenaar , who feeds my gear habit! To my horror I today noticed that a major source of free DX7 info and sound banks has vanished. Lucky for us, I was quickly able to locate a site backup on the Wayback Machine... It's a sad reminder that anything on the internet can vanish at any time. Thank heaven for the Internet Archive. I'm even posting my own creations to the Archive these days. I also contribute monthly. The Archive relies entirely upon user donations and You can support the Archive too! They even take Paypal. Go to Bobby Blues Free DX7 Patches - All The Web There's a lot of info for a few different synths on that ol