Free DX7 Patch Banks

Free Banks for DX7

And Compatible Synths

My expanding resources list for DX7 and compatible synthesizers and plugins

This Post is dedicated to my buddy in my FM adventure, John Gilbert, and
to my Sweetwater rep, Erik Molenaar, who feeds my gear habit!

To my horror I today noticed that a major source of free DX7 info and sound banks has vanished. Lucky for us, I was quickly able to locate a site backup on the Wayback Machine... It's a sad reminder that anything on the internet can vanish at any time. Thank heaven for the Internet Archive. I'm even posting my own creations to the Archive these days. I also contribute monthly. The Archive relies entirely upon user donations and You can support the Archive too! They even take Paypal. Go to

Bobby Blues Free DX7 Patches - All The Web

There's a lot of info for a few different synths on that old website. On the page linked above are you'll find all the free patches the site maker had assembled from the web over the course of decades. As if today, all the download links work. I'm saddened at the news of the loss of this site. I reference it frequently.
Once again, the Wayback Machine saved the day.

John Gilbert Music DX7 Patches

My friend, fellow composer John Gilbert maintains a very active video channel on YouTube. Among lots of other great content, he curated a gigantic bank of DX7 SoundBanks And he hosts them on his website Here's a video he made showcasing sounds from the banks...

Another AMAZING site loaded with info and links for all the Yamaha FM synths is

Yamaha Black Boxes online archive

This site has specs, dates of release, links to manuals, and is very handy for info about all of the Yamaha FM synthesizers. Included are download links for factory banks and sound cards contents for the as .syx SysEx files for DX7 synths. On this page are enough patches to keep you busy for years... 

DX7 Utilities


To load DX7 patches into a Volca FM or any other synth compatible with a D7, you can use a free standalone and VST instrument called DEXED.  DEXED is quickly becoming one of my go-to VST synths in its own right. It's an outstanding piece of software engineering. If you enjoy FM synthesis, or want to know more about FM, DEXED is a great place to start learning. You can get DEXED for Mac, Windows or Linux here...

Here's a video tutorial for sending patch banks from DEXED to Volca FM

Want more?

DX Convert and TX Convert 

These are incredible scripts written in Python. They can convert DX or TX SysEx from just about any Yamaha FM synth so the patches will play on just about any OTHER Yamaha FM synth, including the ReFace FM!! Written and maintained by Martin Tarenskeen, this utility opens a world if patches for anyone using a DX11, Dx21, DX1, DX5, DX7, DX100, DX7II, TX802, TX816, V50, Volca FM, or ReFace FM...

Synprez FM Synth for Android

I do most of my production on my Android handsets. I wanted to be able to audition DX7 SysEx files on my Android phones, and the developer community did not disappoint! This excellent freeware FM synth is based on the same sound engine as DEXED. It can load .syx banks and you can play and edit them, as well as save new banks that will work on a DX7, right on your Android devices!!

Check back here. I'll add links as I remember them or as I find more.

Best regards,
Glenn in NY, USA


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