Limited Time FREE PLUGINS For X-Mas 2022

 Happy Winter, Everyone!

Instead of being a lazy bastards, I've decided to share with y'all the limited time Christmas Freebies I've just grabbed tonight. So ready whatever tool you click with, and add these beauties to your accounts at their respective developers for the low low price of FREEEEEEEEEEEE!!! READY? GO!!

First, SoundToys Little Radiator saturator is free if you buy it for zero doleros before JANUARY 5th, 2023... Grab it because who doesn't need more flavors if saturation, ey? Ey!

Second, the nice French folks at Arturia are giving you a new plug-in version of the classic CLASSIC absolutely amazing MS-20 Filter! This beauty is only free until January 2nd, 2023. Don't miss that. If you miss it, you'll feel rotten later. Go get it right now and I'll wait for you right here. GO!! 

If you want some nifty ideas about what to do with this thing, the beastly MS-20 Filter, check out the nice article by Production Expert...

And to hear it in action, watch this cute jam on Instagram from @LawrenceRandom...

And though I do exclusively do blog about freeware, I need to make an exception for this particular deal which is too good to pass up.. Plugin boutique has the incredible TrackSpacer dynamics plugin that auto-balances your mixes at a great low price of $29 USD! BUT The freebie this month on that site is the Cherry Audio plugin version of the ARP 2600 Synthesizer. I bought that plugin happily for $29 a long time ago, and it is my go-to virtual synth for leads. Now it's FREE with ANY PURCHASE on Plugin Boutique. Just Claim your freebie in your basket when you check out. Stuff over there usually starts at about five bucks, so this is an insane bargain. Don't pass that up. Don't be a fool!

TrackSpacer by Waves Factory

Cherry Audio 2600

Here s a little ditty I made where the CA-2600 plays lead (this was entirely made in Digital Performer, in-the-box). ARP comes in at 3 minutes...

Nobody sponsors this channel. Nobody pays me anything. Ever. That doesn't stop me from keeping a tip jar 😅 Here's a link to my link tree page with all my stuff. Enjoy :)

Happy Solstice, Everyone!

Happy Channukah!

Best wishes for everyone affected by the in-progress blizzard that's swallowing the USA this weekend. Temps here in Rochester, NY, may go to the negative thirties Fahrenheit! Brrrrrr!!

Stay Well and Stay Safe, everyone! 

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