Free Focustite VST Bundles

Dear readers,

Wow! I always wanted these plugins. Now they are free!

Focusrite includes a big software bundle when you buy their audio interfaces. This week they discontinued two of their original plugin bundles for Mac & PC and relegated them to Legacy status. Instead of limiting the products to access from users of their hardware, Focusrite have kindly made the plugins free for anyone to download and use! This is awesome!

Focusrite is a company that has made much audio hardware that is legendary in the audio engineering biz. This is no small deal that these plugs are now free.

Rather than be redundant, you can buzz over to Bedroom Producers Blog where I heard about this deal. There you can read about each of the included plugins and bundles.

If you prefer, here is a direct link to the product page on Focusrite's website:

Happy Holidays! 

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