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Pierre Parenteau is the extraordinary Canadian programmer of the SampleScience brand of musical treats of the brilliant and affordable variety, which fits in with our mission on the blog!

If, like me, you find yourself looking for excellent new music production tools, but have a low or no budget, you'll find this list of SampleScience free goods irresistible. Here you will find brilliant emulations of classic analog synthesizers built on the now-famous Decent Sampler free sampler platform, as well as instruments as VST and AudioUnits plugins for Windows and for MacOS, and meticulously recorded sample packs that justify the SampleScience name. I'm astounded by the quality of Pierre's work, and I think that you will be, too!

Here's the link to the free products pages, where you can download the goodies or pay what you want to, as you prefer. I do suggest that if you can toss the guy some bucks, please do. Sampling is a long and tedious labor of love, and it can be a grueling process. Show the brother some love if you can! And while you are there, check out his commercial offerings, and sign up for his mailing list to keep informed about his new projects, and maybe drop the man a thank you note, like I do!

Enjoy, folks!

Pray for Ukraine!

Peace and Love,



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