Pianobook Overhaul - 650 Free Sample Libraries!

Pianobook Overhaul

650 Free Sample Libraries

These are places and people you computer-music-makers should all know about!!!

Spitfire Audio & Pianobook were started by Christian Henson. Here is his youtube channel...There is Valuable Info there by the ton, including lessons on constructing your own sample libraries.


In case you didn't know that the Pianobook site exists, it is an unfathomably huge repo of sample libraries for free, made by so many amazing people. Pianobook is a community of musicians who create and compose with these sample libraries. Membership is free, and you are welcome to contribute sample libraries and to participate in the forum. Pianobook currently has 650 beautiful, usable sample libraries in many popular formats. This week Pianobook received a complete overhaul of its interface, focusing more now on the people who create the sample libraries. Site navigation just got a big overhaul. Now it's easier than ever to find sample based instruments that suit your tastes and the needs of your projects.


Pianobook is one of Spitfires freebie communities. There is also Spitfire Labs.

Spitfire Labs sample libraries are commercial grade free to use sample libraries made by the wonderful experts over at Spitfire Audio on seriously expensive gear...


Here is Spitfire Audio's youtube...


Next up, is David Hillowitz. Dave develops a Freeware sample player instrument called Decent Sampler. He makes libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt, but he wanted an open source alternative to Kontakt, and he is making it himself, and makes it free for you to use. Some of his own libraries are free, some are paid, all are excellent instruments. He also has a fantastic YouTube channel. I've learned something cool with every one of Dave's videos, and he's a friendly, personable guy, and he answers his comments...

This is the Decent Samples website...


This is Dave's YouTube channel...


Christian & Dave are the bomb. If you can, give them a follow. Nobody has any right being as productive as these guys LOL


Happy music-making,

Glenn in Rochester, NY, USA


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