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This is huge. I try to keep articles short, because the pages I link to generally have so much better info than I can provide. In this case I need to mention

Bill Gardener. I first ran into Bill Gardner's name in the early 1990s. I'd found a small Mac program that turned any Digidesign DSP card into a programmable algorithmic reverb unit, which is astounding to this very day.

Coincidentally, some long time ago, I fell in love with all the audio plugins made by a company called Wave Arts. After 20+ years of using Wave Arts Plug-Ins I only recently discovered that it's Bill Gardner's company. I thank you, Bill Gardner! Your wares have made my life happier and better-sounding! Bill's app, simply called "Reverb", let me program FX that I'd never heard before not since. It gave me a deeper understanding of algorithmic reverbs construction.

Wave Arts recently partnered with a company called Impulse Record and together they make a convolution reverb plugin called Convology XT. The plug-in is free, and it comes with a hefty library of Impulse Responses of famous spaces and FX Units. In addition, dear User, you can load up your own Impulse Response Files. The plug-in works with regular Wave files. Below I'll list links to my favorite free Impulse Response libraries on the internet. Impulse Record offer a GIGANTIC library of expertly recorded Impulse Response Files for sale on their site, but the plugin is free and fully functional without any limitation.

Over a very long time, I've assembled for myself a list of Impulse Response libraries that are on the internet. For your time-saving convenience, here is that list. Like a good audio engineer, I play with all these IR files like normals listen to music lol. You can drag them right into the Convology XT plugin! It's so easy to use!

Here's my entire list of Impulse Response and Convolution links. There are some more Convolution apps and plugs, followed by impulse response libraries of spaces, and finally a long list of guitar cabinet impulse responses.

Once again, I'm biased toward this plugin for ease of use and tweakability.

Convology XR

GratisVolver Free for Windows

X-MCFX Volver or the MConvolutionEZ from MeldaProduction, both free :

Lancaster Audio Pulse

Effects IR Libraries

Millertone IRs at the archive wayback

David Das insanely huge it library

Includes a complete 960L

Stuffit archives for altiverb

Clipgod's IR KSP8 & Space Station

In Mac Stuffit archive sit format for Altiverb

Flo Audio gear impulses zillions

Includes complete PCM-91

Bandcamp pay what you want

Trevor Cox impulse packs at freesound

Adventure Kid

Sony DRE (not currently working) at archive

The Threshold by Intelligent Machinery

Samplicity Bricasti M7 impulses

Zidee's free Lexicon PCM-90 impulses

Echothief real spaces

480L free impulses by Housecall

Guitar Rigs

7deadlysins free guitar ir pack Direct Download Link


Tone VampIReHD IR Library

Archive Site

Direct Link to File

Forward Audio FaIR Libraries

God's Cab & others by Wilkinson Audio

All the free products are on one page...

Guitar Hacks IR library

Kalthallen Cabs

SNB IR Files - many here


Lots here

Free Allure IR pack from Line6

Free Celestion IR pack

Greg Hopkins Plates & Spaces

Greg's Preferred Dropbox Link so he can count downloads


Original Thread on gearslutz


Greg's old Homepage Way back Machine


2014 EMT-140 Download from Dropbox


Direct 2012 Hopkins Collection Dropbox Download


That should be enough to keep anyone busy.

Peace & Love,



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