Fairlight CMI Resources Index

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Fairlight CMI Resources Index

Free Fairlight CMI Samples and More

Last week I went hunting for Fairlight samples to feed my sample habit. From its release in 1979, the Fairlight CMI additive synthesizer and sampler immediately revolutionized the sounds heard on hit records. I wanted to find the sample library, but what I found was so much more! Although it is difficult to locate working links, some hunting reveals that there are a few accessible good transfers of the original Fairlight CMI IIx library, as well system disk images, manuals, schematics, lore, and even a detailed, freeware CMI emulator you can run on your computer.

While digging around, I found a lot of dead links. Wherever I could, I located backups of missing links at archive.org. It became clear to me that I ought to make an up-to-date index with links I've verified, and that's actually why I started this blog. So now, I present to everyone...

Free Fairlight CMI Sample Libraries and More

Fairlight Series III Factory Library
by Tomás Mulcahy

CMI III Library disks and samples are in demand and hard to find. Tomás Mulcahy graciously hosts CMI III samples in several formats, derived from original samples on a CMI Hard drive, cleaned up and looped and generously posted for users of EXS24, Reason Refill, SFZ, Air Structure, and Kontakt. You'll also find great unique, inexpensive, original patch libraries in his Soundware Shop, as well as killer info in his blog, and links to his photography and his original music.
The information about the samples is here...
The download link needs to be updated, but I was in touch with Tomás, who kindly provided an updated, working link to the files here on gdrive...

Free SB Fairlight CMI Samples
Sound Bloom Fairlight Samples

CMI iix samples as Wave files
By Madeleine Bloom
Links on the page to her many
packs for Live

Fairlight sound library database and utilities

A project to catalogue Fairlight sounds. And some other Fairlight stuff too...
Amazing website that on demand converts Fairlight disk images into wave files with SFZ files or Akai S900 disk images among others

Fairlight CMI IIx Archive

An article with download links
to Many of the best CMI libraries.
Also a conversion utility!
Look at the sidebar for other
Amazing posts at that site!
All download links work as of 20210922

Fairlight CMI iix Library

Some links don't work. Files are on sendspace.

Fairlight CMI IIx and III Library Disk Images

at cmi.fairlightus.com by Jeff
At archive.org
Images of all the disks that came
with Jeff's Fairlight.
Here are also system disks, manuals, service manuals and schematics for some revisions.
Main Page
Fairlight CMI Library Disks

Fabel2112 Fairlight Sample Libraries for Kontakt

This kind person has a CMI IIx Library for Kontakt here. There are a lot of other Kontakt instruments here too.

Fairlight for Chiptunes Trackers!

These all seem dead, please let me know if anyone has these projects! Here is the 1:1 conversion of the Fairlight CMI sample library straight from disk to 8svx to use with amiga! NOW WITH THE ORIGINAL LOOP AND ENVELOPE DATA PRESERVED!


Fairlight CMI IIx Sound Library Revision 1.3

by Peter Wielk at archive.org
Looks like a list of disks, not sure...

Last but not least...

QasarBeach complete Fairlight CMI Emulator for Mac, Win, and Linux

Donationware by Adam Strange
Now you can play the legendary additive synthesizer and sampler anyplace you've got a computer.

That's all for now. Please let me know in the comments if you have anything to add to this page.

Happy music-making!



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