NI Kontakt Instruments 25th Anniversary Freebie "25"

Native Instruments

Free Kontakt Instrument -Limited Time Only!

Kontakt Instrument "25" For Free!

Yes, for the 25th anniversary of Native Instruments, the company are giving away a very special freebie instrument. All you need to claim the free instrument is to have an existing account at Native Instruments or create a new account on their website. It costs nothing to create an account, and you do not have to install or download anything - you just need to log into your Native Instruments account and CLAIM the instrument following directions on the perhaps-misnamed DOWNLOAD button on the page linked to here...

Once you claim them, freebies on this site are registered to your account and you can install them any time after you've claimed them. I claim all of them. They give frequent freebies, and they all can be installed and authorized via the excellent Native Access product management app.

Windows users have it easy, but on the Mac side, I needed to upgrade to High Sierra in order to install Native Access. That's a pain in the butt, however, I was claiming freebies from N.I. for years before I was able to get around to doing that system upgrade, and once I'd moved comfortably into High Sierra I found all of my free products snugly listed inside of Native Access. So horde away, my freebie minions! Claim this thing before it expires! Click that link and see all the features offered in this wild instrument.

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Have fun!

Best regards,

Glennrock in Rochester, NY, USA


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