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High Quality Sampling is no easy business. It's not easy to craft a great sample set. It often involves painfully long hours in uncomfortable positions recording and trimming and processing dozens, hundreds, and often thousands of individual digital sound clips.

Getting artful performance qualities out of thousands of digital audio clips certainly does involve a lot of science. Sample Science is the alias/nickname/handle as well as the company and website name of one such amazing, diligent practitioner of this labor of love.

Yes, you have to be in love with sampling to produce anywhere near the volume of the body of work produced by Sample Science. And for the volume of freebies and donation-ware (pay what you want) this fine person has made available to our music making community, imho, he should change his name rightly to "Saint Sample Science". Good community is hard to come by, and in his many forms, Sample Science is great community-people.

On his website you'll find a huge and unique variety of plugins for Mac and Windows as well as many interesting sample-based instruments in popular formats. Go take a look! It don't cost nothin to take a look. You'll find a great variety of pay products as well as a growing library of free products. If you like what you try, consider tossing him a few bucks. I did. Too often this kind of software development is thankless, do consider dropping him a thank you note. There's a real person there in the other end of the internet. And sign up for his newsletter to be advised of news and new products, as well as occasional letters full of great shared advice. That kind of spirit of giving quality tools to fellow artists is what made the internet great back in its early days. Over here we appreciate Sample Science. We hope that you will, too. Here are his links:





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