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“Modular Pack”. It has been recorded exclusively using Eurorack modular with a totally analogue single path, in order to help you create syncopated rhythms with an harder and darker edge.

The kit has complex modular sounds designed for electronic music and experimental, future genres made by modules from Cwejman, Make Noise, Moog, Mutable Instruments, Intellijel, Erica Synths, Endorphines, Verbos, Vermona, Frap Tools, and many more. It was compiled to add creative flair to forward-thinking producers, especially for genres like Techno, Minimal, Tech-house, Experimental and Microhouse.


2,86 GB of Samples and Recordings

374 Files

24 Bit integer resolution

29x Synth Recordings

62x Percussive Recordings

52x Bass Recordings

26x Hat Loops

19x Kick Loops

17x Clap & Snare Loops

9x Live Recordings

21x Textures

120x Oneshots (Fx, Kick, Bass, Hat, Perc, Claps...)"

Someone obviously put a huge effort into making this. There's tons to play with here, and it was a fast download, even over my shitty T-Mobile connection. Why not grab it and give it a listen? I did, and I am. Have fun!

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