Free Brainworx Mastering Plugin NOW

Free Mastering Plug-in

Brainworx bx_masterdesk Classic
Free for now at Plugin Alliance
Use code: BX-FOR-FREE
(expires November 24)

Cut to the chase:

This thing sounds great. I bought the full version months ago. I wish I'd known about this instead! It sounds great and clean and really picks up perceived loudness very nicely. I'm not suggesting that you use this in place of a professional mastering engineer like the esteemed Roger Lian formerly of the late, great MasterDisk, but in a pinch it's always handy to have stuff like this on-hand. It does what I'd do with a string of Plug-Ins for what producer Andrew Bertrand calls "Poor-man's Mastering", and it does it well... AND IT'S FREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!


Go here to get the plugin

If you don't yet have an account, make one. There are really no strings attached.

Hey, just get it claimed. Add it to your cart, paste this code into the VOUCHER box, and checkout for free. It sounds great. I own the full version. This version is a lot lighter on resources.


Even if you don't install it, it's in your account forever, and you'll need it at some point.




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