Free Waves Plug-in care of Reason Studios

Free Berserk Distortion
plugin from Waves and Reason Studios

Hi guys.Tis the season for pricey freebies...

Reason Studios is giving a free Waves Plugin called Berserk. All they want is your email address.

Anyway, by all means, take a minute now and claim it, then carry on.

Reason Studios sends you a serial and a link to your email box.
Copy the serial provided in the email.
Click the link in the mail. If you don't have a Waves account you'll need to make one. If you have a Waves account, just paste the serial number into the reg box, click through, and this plugin will live in your account. Install it any time with the Waves software manager thingie app.

If anyone sees the SSL SiX for $1199 new this season please let me know ASAP. Thanks!

Have a great day!




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