Mastering Plugin Free N.I. SUPERCHARGER

Ok, mastering stuff aside, this plugin compressor is unbelievable and it's free. It does a great job of smashing mixes together to about any extreme of squish or polish. I'm loving this thing!

Supercharger is a free install inside the Native Instruments' plugin manager Complete Start and it's totally worth grabbing it. It just blew my mind. I just used it this way and it's going to stay on my mixes now.

Once it's installed put it on your master.

1) Once it's on your Master Fader, click on the DIRT button!

2) Turn the big knob until you hear distortion then back it down just til the mix is clear and balanced again

3) Turn the output knob up until you are at maybe minus 1dB on the output meter

Now the magic I found happens in step 4)

4) Back down the INPUT KNOB just until the whole mix opens up!!

It's a one stop solution. It's magic.

While you are at Native Instruments, grab the free Instrument called 25 - it's a best-of presets plugin and will not be free forever...


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