All Legacy Audio Damage Plugs

 Yes, all the amazing legacy plugins by Audio Damage are now free and when you download them they include a registration, because of reasons you can read on the official blog over here:

If you don't care why and you just want to plunder the plugins, you can jump right to the freebie and legacy downloads page here:

I own a bunch of Audio Damage products. These guys were making plugins for us in the 1990's, and their background is rooted in designing some classic digital audio FX box algorithms back in the 1980's. I strongly suggest that if you can afford to support this company by buying their pay products, please do so!

If you can afford to toss a few bucks to supporting me for my efforts, you can do so at the PayPal link at which is my hub where you will find all things by glenesis. I'm not begging, but I'm not currently working, either ;)

Have a great day!

Love & Peace,

Glenn in Rochester, NY, USA


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