Cymatics 1.1gb of Free Samples by S1

Cymatics are offering a producer class with SymbolycOne aka S1. As a side effect they are giving away this huge free pack of samples by 3x Grammy winning producer S1. I don't usually enjoy sample packs in my work but I find a lot of the samples here very I spiri g, especially stuff inside the included Bonus folder, where you'll find some excellent, long fuzzy Juno 106 bass notes to feed your favorite sampler, and the drum loops seem pretty sick and they made me want to jam. It's only free for the next two weeks so pounce on it!

If you like sample pack freebies definitely jump on the mailing list at where they give away so much sample content weekly that I have trouble keeping up with it.

More to the point you can find more if their freebies here at this link

Pray for Ukraine!

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