Update 3/2022

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I started this blog because every few days I found myself emailing links to great free software to my music producer friends. For years I thought I should just be blogging this stuff. It's great stuff that I use myself to make music.

I make zero dollars here but if you enjoy and wish to support my efforts you can donate directly to me at

Some other ways to support me are to pay what you want for my original music on my Bandcamp page

And I keep a Patreon which nobody has yet signed up for in case you'd wish to make automatic recurring donations here's my patreon

Any and all monetary support is more than welcome. For 30 years I've been on a mission to save people money on their musical journey, while showing support for the zillions if generous developers who create and maintain free software that enriches our musical journeys.

Now I'm getting older and unable to work at this time, so if I've saved you money or otherwise brought you joy, I won't complain if you kick in!

Of course there's no obligation. I do what I do here strictly out of love.

Thanks for your support!

Peace and love,



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