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Free Chiptune Sketchpad


Easy Online Sequencer!

Tonight I stumbled into an online sequencer for making and sharing musical ideas. I am having a lot of fun with it and I need to share it with you! is a sequencer in a web browser. It lets you enter notes into a grid and assign them sounds and edit your work.

What's new to me is the way it saves files. Every change you make alters the unique URL of the composition! To save and share your works of musical genius, simply copy and paste your URL from the address bar!

Here's a screenshot of the site...

And here's a link to the site...

And here are a bunch of tweets featuring links to beepbox compositions...

ModBox is a GitHub project that is a fork of BeebBox. ModBox offers more channels and more advanced controls than BeebBox.

ModBox is at this URL...

Both sites have detailed documentation on the front page. Happy music-making!

Glenn in Rochester, NY, USA


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